Um Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação Especial: a perspectiva dos professores

Graduate Programme for Special Education: Teachers` point of view

Tárcia Regina da Silveira Dias
Luci Leal Melo Silva

ABSTRACT: This paper studies a Graduate Programme for Special Education from the teachers point of view. The study tries to raise questions and gather elements for the proposal of eventual changes in the Programme. The data were gathered through individual interviews. The selection process, the curriculum and the basic conditions a writing of thesis, were the main subjects of this study. The results allowed further changes in the Programme and emphasysed the relevance of taking the praxis on Special Education as subject of research. lt also indicated that the solution of most problems raised by teachers, depends on the clarification about the person and the task of the professional acting in Special Education, the roles of the Graduate Programmes in society, and the nature of relationships between university and community.

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