Oficina abrigada e a “integração” do “deficiente mental”
Sheltered workshopp and the “integration” of “mentally retarded” people

Gilberta Sampaio de Martino Jannuzzi

ABSTRACT: This research revealed that this kind of activity reproduces the segregation of “mentally retarded”such as it happens in the whole society. also made them worthier in front of their family and community. In the Sheltered Workshops their wark is more parceled, unlike in factories, where there exists a productiviry control. The paper suggests te maintain Sheltered Workshops specially for severe handicapped persons, since it is difficult for them te integrate in regular work. These Workshops also offer leisure and entertainment, particularly in Brazil, where this kind of activities are not enough developed yet. But it is also necessay to continue stimulating pegagagical work. such as reading, arts, the practice of sports. etc.

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