Notas sobre a evolução dos serviços de Educação Especial no Brasil
Notes on the development of special education services in Brazil

Júlio Romero Ferreira

ABSTRACT: The paper sumarizes the main trends in development of recent services of Special Education in Brazil, beginning in the 70ies. At this time these services were institutionalized in termos of centralization and planning. The auther concentrates his study on the development of the total number of students in schools or institutions, either public or private. He then emphasyzes the different categonies of exceptionaiity, including mental retardation. After examining the way experts are facing theses services, he concludes: recent Iegislation and the strenghtening of special services demand te think over all the challenges. courses, research, and practices in this area, within the context of general education and in the extra-school relations as well.

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