Os desafios da Educação Especial, o Plano Nacional de Educação e a universidade brasileira

The ghallenges of Special Education, the National Plan of Education and brazilian universities

Leny Magalhães Mrech

ABSTRACT: The present paper has been divided into three parts. The first one addresses the relevance of Special Fducation in contemporary world as the main link between regular education and special education. It establishes differentiating parameter for educational practices as proposed by the paradigms of Integration and Inclusion. It also approaches the strategic importance of reviewing the concept of mental deficiecy. In the second part it deals with the final version of the National Educational Plan examinig its applicability in the short medium and long term. Finally, it discusses the role of Brazilian Universities from the standpoint of the requirements suggested by the Paradigm.

Keywords: Inclusion; Inclusive education; mental deficiency.

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