Crianças com necessidades educativas especiais, política educacional e a formação de professores: generalistas ou especialistas?

Generalists or specialists? Teacher’s formation and Special Educational needs

José Geraldo Silveira Bueno

ABSTRACT: Considering the principIes of the Salamanca Declaranon, issued in the World Conference of Special Education of 1994, this paper attempts do present a critical reflection about the relationship between teachers’ formation and policies for the inclusion of children with special education needs in regular schools, within the discussion of the question relative to generalist and specialist teachers. With such purpose, it analyses firstly the new demands posed by inclusive education, in terms of educational policies and their consequences for regular as well as special education. This analysis is followed by a critical discussion of the repercussions of inclusive education for teachers’ formation, with emphasis on the specialized teacher. As a conclusion, it is suggested that the dicotomy between specialist and generalist constitutes a mistaken issue, since inclusive education assume that the regular school teachers have to acquire some type of spectalization in order to face a population that presents peculiar cbaracteristics, while the special school teachers have to expand their perspectives, traditionally centered on those characteristics.

KEYWORDS: Teachers’ formation; educational politics; Special Education.

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