Procedimentos didáticos “especiais” no ensino do deficiente mental: um caminho de interlocução

Didatic procedures for the “special” in the teaching of the mental faulty: on the way to the dialogue

Fabiany de Cássia Tavares Silva

ABSTRACT: The consideration of the current studies conceming the Didactics in the text demonstrates that the adaptation of the pedagogic processes to the individuais needs, specially for the ones who needs special education, have standed aside to the whole debate that has happened in the reconstruction/construction of the new epistemological paradigms in this field. In that sense, the educational model for the faulty mental, continues to emphasize a detailed observation of these individuais conditions and, therefore, the adaptation of the didactic procedures, reiterates an only technique characteristic of the didactic that was widely discussed in those debates. That means to say that the “special”, consubstantiated in the procedures seems to be redundant in psychological instrumentation.

KEYWORDS: Special Education; psychology; mental deficiency; didactics.

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