A Interpretacão da escrita pela criança portadora de deficiência intelectual

The interpretation of written language by children with intellectual disa bilities

Rita Vieira de Figueiredo Boneti

ABSTRACT: This article deals with three aspects of the development of written language in children with intellectual disabilities: their interpretation of fragments of written language, the connection they establish between the letters and the numbers, and their knowledge of letters. It gives an account of the results of developmental tests analyses dealing with written language conducted with 15 preschool children with intellectual disabilities. It has been pointed out that the behaviours of these children are in many respects similar to those of so-called “normal” children during emergent literacy. The manifestation of these behaviours varies according to the degree of intellectual disability. However, as for the acquisition of the knowledge of letters, it is rather according to the age and to the level of stimulation to reading that the manifestation of the behaviours charactenstic of emergent written language may vary

KEYWORDS: emergent literacy; intellectual disability; children.

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