Representações sociais de estudantes com Síndrome de Down segundo professores no Rio de Janeiro

Teacher’s social representations regarding students with Down Syndrome in Rio de Janeiro

Edson A. de Souza Filho
Angel B. Durandeguia

ABSTRACT: The aim of this research was to investigate teachers social representations about Down Syndrome students (DSS). Two samples of teachers were selected: 22 dealing directly with DSS (TE)) and 27 not dealing with them (TND). The content and discourse analyses showed that both groups of teachers have some difflculties to represent DSS without emphasizing criteria based on the logical-formal intelligence, as opposed to other criteria which could be instrumental and significant to the group. In fact, TD represented DSS on favorable aspects of sociability and affectivity and on unfavorable ones in negotiation; as well as TND represented DSS on favorable aspects of intelectuality, autonomy and normality but they denied personal traits and affirmed rigidity, showsng ambivalences.

KEYWORDS: Special Education; psychology ; mental deficiency; didactics.

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