Integração escolar do portador da Síndrome de Down: um estudo sobre a percepção dos educadores

School integration of the Down Syndrome: a study about the perception of the educators

Lúcia de Araújo Ramos Martins

ABSTRACT: The present article discusses the educators’ perceptions - parents, teachers and techinicians, acting in nine school integration of the child canier of the Down Syndrome. In the discourse of several researched subjects we tried to capture how they notice and explain the educational action undertaken with those special needs pupils attending regular class and the school community, in a general way. The analysis of the data points for a larger receptivity to these special needs pupils in the school and for progress in the several areas after those children’s entence into regular class. Even so, we notice that more is still to be done in the ambit of educational systems, so that the integration process is developed in way to bring real and durable benefits for the special needs pupils, among them, the carriers of the Down Syndrome.

KEYWORDS: educators’ perception; integration; Down Syndrome.

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