Uma visão da Síndrome de Asperger sob o enfoque de Vygotsky

A view of the Asperger’s Syndrome in the perspective of YL.S. Vygotsky

Maria Stela de A. Albuquerque Bergo

ABSTRACT: This article discuss some Asperger Sindrome’s researches, one kind of Autism that was defined by several Research Centers on Asperger Síndrome child’s language, cognition and behavior. It links Vygotsky concept of language to have a compreensive view of desorders and compensatory compensation character in the vigotskyan perspective socio-historic. Those aspects recomends be careful to make classificatory tradicional assessments.

KEYWORDS: Special Education; exceptional; Autism; Asperger’s Syndrome; Vygotsky, YL.S.; assessment

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