Educação inclusiva, incluir para quê?

Inclusive education: why including?


ABSTRACT: This present article discusses the issue of “inclusion” based on three aspects that are essential when we fight for an inclusive kind of education. The first aspect refers to the notion of inclusion from which derives the idea of externality, of “from outside”, which are topics that are discussed based on Michel Foucault´s and Gilles Deleuze´s works. The question of “Differences” is the second aspect that is discussed in this article, in which the urgency of “producing differences” is emphasized, since there is an incessant, maybe new, way of relating to life form that is produced by the “different ones” which it is necessary to profit from. Finally, the article analyses the current school system situation taking preschool education as an example – since it has been included in the educational system – to answer the question: the school system, as it is today, wants to include the children: why?

KEYWORDS: inclusive education; inclusion; differences; social exclusion.

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