Sexualidade e os portadores de deficiência mental

Sexuality and the mental retardaded

Hugues Costa de FRANÇA RIBEIRO

ABSTRACT: This article presents a reflection on the use of sexuality in carriers of mental deficiency. It discusses the difficulties in aceepting tehe exercise of a sexual-affective life for this population. It emphasizes the need for offering sexual education/orientation and highlights some points that can either make the acceptance of sexuality manifestation difficult or rise some obstacles to put such programs for carriers of mental deficiency into practice. Within this proposition we investigate and discuss: the myths related to sexuality, development and trajectory on the grounds of sexuality, masturbation and sexual-affective life among those people, critical questions related to the implementation of sexual orientation programs, the consequences of acceptance or repression of sexuality manifestations on life and on the social and personal adjustment , as wel as we present some sugestions to support learning about behaviors in the area of human sexuality.

KEYWORDS: Mental deficiency; sexual education; human sexuality.

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