Classe Especial: um olhar de seus usuários e usuárias

Special classroom: the view of its users

Lúcia Maria Santos
Fátima Elisabeth Denari

ABSTRACT: This work tries to undestand the reality of Manaus’ special classes by testimonies of their users - handicapped students. Their perceptions about this Special Education service are generated during the daily life at the classroom and at their homes. The students’ testimonies were obtained when they were at the special classrooms by informal talks. The testimonies indicate that more information about the goals of this educational service is needed. Thus, it is necessary to change the attitude to deal with students of the special classes, who know their history of failures in the school life. It is still necessary a study about how this service is today, and its consequences, and results in the social, profissional, and scholar life of its users.

KEYWORDS: Education of handicapped students ; special classes; perceptions.

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